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Your Products in Every Color: From a Single Photo

As you know, getting the right color is important to your customers. When they visit your website, they want to see exactly what they're getting - before they buy anything. But how to present all your products in every color? Three sofas in five colors is easy. Three sofas with five colors, four trim options, and three grades of fabric is great for the customer, but difficult to show. And, all those photos take forever to resize, upload, and position on your site.

One image, hundreds of color combinations. Move your mouse over the photo to see how the Colorjive widget works



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audimodern kitchenhout


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So what do you do?

Individually upload thousands of pictures? Painstakingly check to make sure nothing is missing? Showing hundreds or thousands of combinations is well, complicated. Add wallpaper textures or glossy paint finishes, and the problem gets even worse.

There's a better way

Get a colorjive widget. It's a piece of software that can easily display millions of color combinations. And, you don't have to upload them individually either.

This is how Colorjive Widget works

Send us a photo of your product. Tell us where to apply which color, and how big you want the widget to be. When your prospects come to your page, they'll see a photo of your product and a palette of colors. All they have to do is click on the color they want. The image changes from blue to green or yellow or striped or whatever your color scheme. It can be a glossy paint, a matte finish fabric or textured flooring. Doesn't matter.

Just copy and paste

You can see your products in every conceivable color. It's simple. No programming or complicated software required. Just paste some HTML code right into your website, just like embedding a YouTube video. That's it.

Colorjive Widgets won't break your budget

Other solutions, such as Adobe Scene 7, Fluid, and Liquid Pixels require special software, complicated configuration menus, and licensing fees costing hundreds of dollars per month. You could hire an IT company and have one custom-programmed for you, but it could cost a hundred times more and not perform as well. Colorjive Widget on the other hand, won't break your budget and will yield a better result.

Customize your widget

Need something special? For an additional fee, we can customize your widget to fit seamlessly into your web site. You can add a border, modify the shape of the color menu, or change the background.

Colorjive en Colorjive Widget are products of Colorjinn BV in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
“It’s fun! And it could save a lot of fails.”
Guy Kawasaki
“The application is dead simple to use.”
“Fortunately, there are now better ways than trial and error to find the perfect paint color.”
“I wish I would have had this months ago, I wouldn’t be living in a house that looks like I own the Cleveland Browns.”
Mike Kammeyer